Your customers are searching on voice
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Promote your products and services on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Convert voice searchers into customers


Retain customers with service reminders, scheduling and upselling


Engage voice searchers looking for your products and services on voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Microsoft Cortana from their car, home, desktop or a mobile. With a simple query such as "OK Google, I am looking to get X in Y location" can send new prospects to you.

More than 7X Conversion

Convert voice searchers into highly qualified leads and customers. According to a study conducted by Harvard, leads that are answered within 24 hours have a 7X higher conversion rate. With our voice platform your staff can answer prospects in real time or automatically schedule an appointment or a follow up that works for both your business and customer's demanding schedules.


Generate incremental and repeat revenue by providing voice enabled guides, notification and other services. Optimize staff allocation by having them focus on selling and servicing than performing routine tasks such as answering FAQs.